Invest in Your Community, Give to Champion Youth

Champion Youth is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. The “501(c)(3)” designation refers to our tax-exempt status. All donations to Champion Youth by companies or individuals are fully tax-deductible by that company or individual. Champion Youth was formed as a nonprofit corporation in order to use our income resources to benefit the public. Your tax-deductible donation to Champion Youth is, essentially, an investment in your community. Your individual donations along with our fundraising activities assist the continuing expansion of youth programs across the nation.

You can make a difference with each monetary donation that you make. We need you. But just as you give to us, we give back to the youth of our communities by supporting and expanding a wide range of low-cost, quality sports and recreation activities and programs available throughout the year. When you give, you truly receive. You can make a significant difference with each tax-deductible monetary donation. Your generous contributions help us continue and expand our work for the children.
With you we can succeed.

Please mail your donation check made payable to “Champion Youth” at either address below:

Champion Youth Outreach Programs
P.O. Box 535
Newport Beach, California 92661

Champion Youth, Costa Mesa- South Coast Metro
575 Anton Blvd., Third Floor
Costa Mesa, California 92626

(949) 630-0488
(949) 400-9178


Or Please click the below to donate online